316 St. Georges Rd

Fitzroy North



We only take bookings of 6 or more. Please call:

Phone: (03) 9486 3500

Non Alcoholic

Established in 1998 The MSB is founded on the concept of open hospitality, and a mindfulness of our tread.


Whether you are a one-time visitor or repeat customer, you will feel all your senses stimulated, and your hunger satisfied.


Through every interaction we  create an environment that enables us to share experiences and connections in an open, responsible and communal way.

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Our businesses are vegetarian, whereby we showcase that a no meat cuisine  can enhance the flavours of cooking and not compromise them. The overwhelming acceptance of our concept has been humbling,  and has fuelled our desire to give back to the community tenfold.

 Each day brings with it a new perspective on life, love, health, grief, friendship and kinship.

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We want to recreate the experience of being at an eatery in Morocco with the values of community justice and environment responsibility at the centre of our Buisness. With this novel approach, we introduced a more personal dining experience we have a spoken menu where we explain our daily offerings whilst exploring the daily social topics.