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Moroccan    2 go


316 St Georges Rd

Fitzroy North


7 days

Takeaway and Dinner:  



Ph: (03) 9486 3500


Non alcoholic

The Moroccan Soup Bar Two Go we  offer the convenience of takeaway without compromising our impact on both the environment as well as our responsibility socially to one another. This is why we have introduced the bring your own containers, bowls or pots for takeaway.


Whilst recognising this may be at times inconvenient we have also introduced a  Swap and Go reusable Rice Husk container, non toxic microwave and dishwasher safe. Once purchases , just bring us your empty swap and go. It is both convenient and environmentally responsible, for those times you have forgotten your container. They can be purchased at the Moroccan Soup Bar Two Go.


Also addressing the need for convenience, you can now order our entire menu online, a lunch or dinner pack for one or a banquet to takeaway, dips and salads or our unique Marakizza to have with friends at the park, triple cheese or falafel open pockets, or just come in and enjoy our courtyard in spring and summer and enjoy our unique nus nus Moroccan coffee with desert.