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The constant search for autonomy and freedom is in every woman.

Hana Assafiri is a much-loved and revered social activist and radical entrepreneur. Through the medium of food and dining in her renowned Moroccan Soup Bar, Hana has worked tirelessly to rectify the systemic and social barriers to women’s empowerment. 

Hana’s memoir follows her childhood between Lebanon and Australia, her marriage, her
attempts to leave, and her ensuing career in women’s services. In 1998, she opened the Moroccan Soup Bar, which would quickly become an iconic Melbourne institution—founded on the radical notion that marginalised women, together in the kitchen, can effect social change.

Pre order signed limited edition hard cover. $44.95 or soft cover $34.95.
Plus shipping.

Book release May 4th .

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Over the last 25 years the Moroccan Soup Bar has become a much-loved Melbourne institution. Its spoken menu, delicious food and unique ambience, founded on principles of equality and generosity, have become legendary. In this book the restaurant’s founder, Hana Assafiri, shares her recipes for food and life.

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